Price increase for 2016 Challenger and Charger Hellcats is no deterrent


Following the recent rumors that Dodge?s 2016 Challenger and Charger Hellcats will be priced for a premium have panned out ? though initial estimates were actually way off.

With Fiat Chrysler Automobiles desperately seeking more money to lift earnings margins to complete its investments, any source of money is going to be milked like a cow. This is exactly what?s happening with the 2016 Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcat models, which have enjoyed a tremendous welcome with the 2015 model year production run already sold out. Fortunately, there?s one category of clients that won?t care ? those whose orders for the 2015 models were written off will receive the enhanced 2016 model year without the price hike. As for the rest, the 2016 Challenger SRT Hellcat will come with an asking price of $65,190, which is a hefty $4,200 premium over the 2015 model year. The 2016 Charger SRT Hellcat will also bump the sticker to $68,640, a good $3,650 increase.

For that hike the customer will receive an amended standard features list, which now includes navigation, leather seats, and other items ? which amount to $2,490. But considering the incredible demand for the two monsters, the new MSRPs will have no impact on sales, with Dodge actually increasing production and almost doubling on initial expectations for the 2016 model year. Changes from the 2015 model year are actually fairly limited, you get the same power figures (which is more than enough, really) and owners are cautioned to tread gently after numerous reports of crashes happening just miles from the dealer lot.