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2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Drivers' Notes

Challenger Hellcat News

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I've always wondered how Dodge would evolve the Challenger. There was only one real generation, not counting the rebadged Mitsubishi. Past and present, it's always looked the same. With the Hellcat, Demon, and now my personal favorite, the Hellcat Redeye Widebody, it makes total sense. There's no need to redesign it every few years. Just tweak it and add cool features — like flared fenders and the 797-hp Hellcat engine. It's all you need.

This thing makes a statement. The Redeye is the car your neighbors want a ride in. I parked in our office building's basement, and co-workers heard me gunning the engine — two stories up. It's a growl. It has bass. It's angry. It gets a little metallic sometimes, depending on how and when you lay on the gas. I launched fairly hard at every traffic light. Sometimes I'd rev at idle. The Monroney that came with our test car lists the fuel economy as zero (it actually gets 13 city and a respectable 22 highway). But still. You get the point.

I've always liked how the Challenger drives. It's big. It's heavy. The hood looks like the deck of an aircraft carrier. It's not trying to be a track rat. Go fast in a straight line. That's what you do. Take a hard left and maybe you skid a little bit. Maybe that's the idea. You don't eat cheeseburgers because they're good for you. You eat them because they taste good.

Hey, cheeseburgers have protein. And vitamins. Healthy isn't the right description, but there are some benefits. The same reasoning applies to this Challenger. The interior is attractive, well-furnished and comfortable. The leather-trimmed seats are supportive. I love the saddle brown color. I used to say the coupe's low roof and bulky A-pillars were a problem. Then I got over that. You're driving nearly 800 hp, so sit up and be on your toes. The trunk is huge, too. I could have put a car seat in the back, had I needed to. You can live with the Challenger. And the Redeye is perhaps the best version yet. The starting price is about $60 grand. That's a steal. The price of our tester is $92,290. That's insane. The $6,000 widebody pack is the thing I'd recommend most out of all the options. Get the nice leather, too.

Read more on Autoblog.

Read more on Autoblog.
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