The Dodge Challenger Outsold the Chevy Camaro Last Month


When you look at two of America's most admired muscle cars - the Dodge Challenger and the Chevrolet Camaro - there are some key differences. The Camaro is more track-focused, especially in Z/28 spec. While the Dodge Challenger is more about straight line speed, especially in Hellcat guise.

But the question of the year is: who's selling more cars? Well if we're going by March's figures, via TorqueNews, Dodge did, inching out the Chevy Camaro by 154 units. 6,110 Challengers sold vs 5,596 Camaros.

If it sounds like a big deal, it kinda is. In its over 40 months on the market, the Challenger has never outsold the Mustang or Camaro. While the Mustang still reigns supreme - beating out the Challenger by 6,000 units in March - the Challenger is gaining some much-needed ground.

Of course, while Dodge is working with new product, Chevy is still admirably pushing around the fifth-gem Camaro, waiting patiently for the reveal of the sixth-gen in the next few months. But with the Challenger's array of options - R/T, Scat Pack, Hellcat - it's pretty impressive the amount of cars the marque is starting to move.

Let's see what those numbers look like when Chevy puts the new Camaro on sale.