My story

So here I am surfin the web, lookin at cars, thinkin I'd like a Hellcat but just can't. I figure my 87000 mile 2010 first gen SRT8 is plenty. Then what's this a 2017 Hellcat, used at a Chevy dealer for a decent price, can't be. I must see this to believe it.

Well 2010 first gen SRT8 is now gone. Replaced with a 2017 Hellcat - Pitch Black, Sunroof and Brass Monkey wheels. Oh did I mention it only had 1400 miles, Eibach springs, Barton shifter w/pistol grip, a cold air intake and the windows tinted. I got 14k for my 2010, and it wasn't perfect, and paid 58k for the 2017. Was it a great deal, maybe, but I now have this grin I cant get rid of. This thing give new meaning to the phrase scary fast.

The first pic is my official s#!t eatin grin pose.
Congrats bro, loving the those brass wheels on the pitch black.