Hello from Central Coast California

Hello everyone. Well finally I have "my" car. Kids are through college and off the payroll. I have been looking, watching dealerships through auto trader for the last 4-5 months when I found this 2016 pitch black cat in a MBz dealership lot. Price was perfect. As the orginal owner ordered the car with the red accented seats, matching red seat belts and A8 with sunroof . He(original owner) took delivery 10/15 and he was kind enough to drive it to California for me.

Couple of things I immediately had to adopt..........angle over any thing remotely low or a drive way and back into parking spots. Most annoying is the lack of an on/off on the radio. I mean really...mute?

My forum tag is what my black legacy plates will read once 4 months pass.....[sadpanda]

Enough rambling...cheers.