2016 Hellcat Widest Tires on Stock Rims???

So I've read most of the old posts about rubber. I don't know if they changed anything between 2015 and 2016, but I seem to have a good 1-1/2" clearance in the rear. I'm looking at the Conti Extreme Contact DW Summer tire, 315/35 20 Rear, 275/40 20 Front. This keeps the diameter exactly the same, gives me 1-1/2" more rubber to the road, and the Continentals are rated for about 50% more tread life than the Pirellis. Now I know that nobody recommends more than 295's on a 9-1/2" rim, but I ran Conti Extreme Contact DWS 295/40 20 on my stock 9" rims on my 2012 SRT 392 with no issues. I am also considering buying 2 more stock rims for the rear and putting some Nittos on them, 305 or 315. Would appreciate any input. [rockon]