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2020 Hellraisin/Satin Hellcat "Tally Cat"

General Information

This is my factory order 2020 Challenger SRT Hellcat, garaged in Tallahassee, FL. I opted for the NB option as I prefer its clean lines to the buff WB look.

Build was complete in May and I took delivery in mid-August. Car is not ceramic coated. Photos shown are after it's been waxed (Meguiar's Tech Wax 2.0 double base coat with a Chemical Guys Butter Wax light top coat).

This car is going to be left near stock and enjoyed as a daily driver. I worked hard to save and earn this car after becoming an involuntarily :D disabled Veteran back in 2009. I come from the old school that believes muscle cars should be driven and heard, and not left sitting and dusty.

I'm awaiting official word from FCA, but this car may be the ONLY 2020 Hellraisin/Satin Hellcat NB (potentially of any type) produced for the 2020 model year. It's the only one you'll see on the internet if you Google search for one (FYI, the 50 50th Edition Scat Packs are satin vinyl, not painted). The reason for the rarity of this car is the shortened production year due to Covid and their labor dispute combined with it being a new color and the expense of the painted option (I could have gotten a WB Hellraisin -satin for the same price, or a NB Redeye for $1,000 more).

Regardless, this car is an oddball combination of color, rarity, and loaded with options.

Fun fact, the Hellraisin has a fairly dramatic change of color between cloudy, direct sunlight, and low light conditions:


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Garage Information

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Garage Details

Model Trim
SRT Hellcat A8, Plus package, Premium Laguna (black) Package, Driver Convenience Group, HK Audio Group, 4C w/NAV
Model Year
Model Color
Hellraisin with painted satin graphics package (hood/roof/trunk deck)
Exterior Modifications
Aggressive headlight lenses. That's about it.
Interior Modifications
Lloyd's SRT floor mats and trunk mat. Aluminum Mopar SRT door sill protectors, interior LED lighting.
Performance Modifications
JLT intake + catch can.

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