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  1. Plasticman

    How often in your Hellcat have you been asked...

    My favorite question is when they ask me to rev it up. With mine, you really don't hear the supercharger unless its under load. Rob
  2. Plasticman

    Track rental bradenton florida

    +1 on the Freedom Factory next door to Bradenton. They've posted a lot of cool videos recently now that they bought the circle track next door to the drag strip. Rob
  3. Plasticman

    What does it look like where you are at now?

    Very wet here (North Alabama) for the next 3-4 days. Rob
  4. Plasticman

    14,000 Miles of fun

    Ultimately, we found I had a Pirelli tire that has gone bad after its 1st tire rotation. They can't get it balanced. It appears the tire has a bad spot in it, like a belt slipped. The spot is very hard vs. the rest of the tire when not inflated. New tire coming in under warranty. Rob
  5. Plasticman

    14,000 Miles of fun

    OK, answered my own question with a phone call. Yes, they have Hunter balancers. No, they do not use Smart Balance Mode when working on performance car tires. Rob
  6. Plasticman

    14,000 Miles of fun

    Does Discount Tire use Hunter balancers? I had this same vibration problem in my new All-Season Pirellis this weekend. Rob
  7. Plasticman


    Go Chiefs! Rob
  8. Plasticman

    Electric Pressure Washer

    I have one of these (https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-1-600-PSI-1-2-GPM-Electric-Pressure-Washer-RY141600/205566079 ) and really like it. Rob
  9. Plasticman

    Random pics taken out with the Big Rig

    Fun fact that my only interest me. The cardboard used to make 12 packs has to be made from 100% virgin material (no recycle content). Soda and beer 12 pack packaging made with recycle couldn't stand up to the wet box requirements of the beer/soda manufacturers. Why is that interesting to me...
  10. Plasticman

    Hellcat.org members have moved to Hellcatforum.org

    What color should I order? Rob
  11. Plasticman

    Is this really how you snow bound act

    I'm not snowbound. Drove mine in the snow this morning to work.
  12. Plasticman

    Ford Vs Ferrari Have you seen the Movie? What do you think about it?

    My wife and I are part of a movie group that goes out on Tuesday nights together to enjoy the $5 movies. Last week was Ford vs. Ferrari. We all loved it. I think I'm the only "car" guy in the group. Rob
  13. Plasticman

    My Christmas and New Year's Plans. What's yours?

    My wife and I are spending Christmas week on our retirement property (115 acres of timberland) near Auburn University, then we're driving back to Huntsville for New Year's Eve and back to work. Rob
  14. Plasticman

    My Christmas and New Year's Plans. What's yours?

    I've been to Winnipeg. Understand your issues there. Rob
  15. Plasticman


    Great color choice.
  16. Plasticman

    Sto n sho

    I had a Sto-n-Sho on my last Charger because TX required a front license plate. I liked that plate holder, just don't get too close to parking curbs. It will buckle your front facia. Rob
  17. Plasticman

    New Member from Texas

    Congratulations and welcome to the group. I miss living in TX. Rob
  18. Plasticman

    I Voted

    Makes me want to get a dog again. Currently petless. Rob
  19. Plasticman

    Dust Fromm hell

    Maybe the dust is where they got the name for the car from. Lots of dust = Redeye. Rob