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  1. SNeal5966

    Clutch Delay Valve Delete and Barton Install

    Over the weekend I finished installing my Barton shifter finally, as well as removing the Clutch Delay Valve. Since the roads are fairly clean and dry, I got to get the car out for a drive around the city to exercise it a little bit. All I can say is WOW, if you haven't done this yet, at the...
  2. SNeal5966

    Very First Dodge Viper

    The very first production viper off the plant floor was owned by Lee Iacocca and is for sale right now. That would be a cool piece of automotive history to own if I had six digits to toss at a car...
  3. SNeal5966

    Jacking up a Challenger from the front with a floor jack

    So now that I have a Challenger Scat Pack, M6, I am wanting to remove the CDV (pairing that up with a Barton), as well as make sure I have all the right equipment for performing oil changes and what not. My jack isn't really low profile enough, but I have been able to make it work with a pinch...
  4. SNeal5966

    PUP 0W40 Sale

    Hurry while supplies last LOL I found Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0w 40 on sale at Napa today for $5.59 per quart I bought enough for the first years oil changes. Also the sale ends today.
  5. SNeal5966

    M6 Challenger Skip Shift Eliminator

    I am just wondering if that is something that is still worth doing. For Some reason I remember reading that 2019 MY no longer really benefited from that but I can no longer find any info on that. Is that something that is still needed on a 2019 or no longer? Anyone know if the 2019 M6 cars still...
  6. SNeal5966

    2020 Model Year Info

    Just wanted to start a thread for 2020 Challenger info as it's released since I haven't seen it on this forum yet.