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  1. Hellcatcfp

    Favorite Cereal

    Captain Crunch for me.
  2. Hellcatcfp

    California Closing (Again)

    I am very disappointed with what is happening in my State (and in many others). I work with a lot of people who work at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Spoke with many M.Ds., Microbiologists, nurses, etc. COVID-19 is real and is responsible for many deaths, no doubt about it. Over the course of...
  3. Hellcatcfp

    Opinions needed

    I have changed out my fender badges. Ordered the front and trunk badges in red. Question, was thinking about removing the Charger badge on the trunk? What do you all think? Also, considered removing the Dodge lettering on the trunk as well? What do you all think would look good on the...
  4. Hellcatcfp

    Am I wrong?

    Unbeknownst to me (until recently), California teachers union is apparently pushing hard against reopening our schools. I have family who are teachers and have recently realized a lot are scared to return (one who is 44 years old). One teacher I know posted this on Facebook. My beef is how...
  5. Hellcatcfp

    Favorite form of Potato

    Super hard...but I would take baked potato due to toppings. What do you like?
  6. Hellcatcfp

    Ford employees want the company to stop making police cars

    https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/ford-employees-police-cars/ What a World we are living in...
  7. Hellcatcfp

    New Fender Badge Upgrade

    I want to thank @tkracing1 for hooking me up with these Weebz Hellcat fender badges. Thanks so much for the needed inspiration and I love them. I put these on Tuesday evening and took some pictures today. I ordered the front gille and trunk badges last night as well.
  8. Hellcatcfp

    Absolutely Unbelievable

    You know your Country (State) is doomed when no one sees or cares about people abusing the power they have been given over us. We elect people, who sometimes have already proven themselves to be dishonest in many cases. I have not fact checked this, but if true this is beyond disgusting. CA...
  9. Hellcatcfp

    Rat(s) den in motorhome compartment

    Last couple of days I've been doing maintenance and repairs on our motorhome. Last night I see this... Damn rat chewed on one of my plastic fittings... I just reorganized and hosed this compartment out 3 weeks ago. Guess traps are going up when I get home. Happy 4th everyone...i need...
  10. Hellcatcfp

    Why no standard for air line couplers and plugs

    First World problems, but good heavens why there is no "standard" for quick disconnects, etc. You've got Automotive, Industrial, ARO, V-style Same with the couplers? Had a heck of a time finding the right quick disconnect for my pressure washer gun...my foam cannon fit on the end of my...
  11. Hellcatcfp

    Epic Lockdown rant in my County

    Little back story, I live in Ventura County where this happened. We have been on lockdown from mid March and have recently started opening up. Our health person Dr. Levin is a quack and has made outlandish statements about forcing quarantines, etc. Enjoy this epic rant and a lot of us in my...
  12. Hellcatcfp

    California's electric trucks mandate 2024

    WFT??? More incompetent policy making...guess no more truck deliveries...got to get out of this State. But there is more...article quotes this gem by our Governor: "Communities and children of color are often forced to breathe our most polluted air, and today's vote moves us closer toward a...
  13. Hellcatcfp

    Anyone heard from Bkuz?

    Ok, not again. Has anyone heard from @Bkuz? System says he was on last night? Hope all is well with him. Drop a hello next time you are on @Bkuz. Happy Friday all.
  14. Hellcatcfp

    Hungry anyone?

    If you could only pick one, what would it be? BLT for me.
  15. Hellcatcfp

    Anyone have experience with Hydraulic systems

    Finally got around to looking into my leaky hydraulic leveling jack on my motorhome. Only leaking 3-4 drips after retracting. No leaking at the lines (damn), looks like a seal is going bad inside the jack. Swapping jack assembly out doesn't look too bad, but I have no experience with crimping...
  16. Hellcatcfp

    A Mustang, but still cool.

    At a family members house today with the family...had his 2000 Mustang Cobra R car at the house. Thought I'd grab a picture of it.
  17. Hellcatcfp

    Any Self Employed (Schedule C) folks in here?

    Final rulings from the SBA on the Paycheck Protection loan (PPP) for self employed have made them 100% forgivable. Deadline is Jun 30th, 2020 and there is over $100 billion left in the program. Basically free money. You take your 2019 line 31 of your Schedule C, divide by 12, then multiply by...
  18. Hellcatcfp

    Detailing Fun

    Spent the last couple of days doing some exploratory paint correction on my Charger. White is incredibly difficult to see without a detail light. After 2 years paint isn't too bad...no swirls whatsoever, but little micro scratches (as to be expected). Decided to do some light (instead of more...
  19. Hellcatcfp

    Dodge Charger Hellcat Fatality

    LANCASTER, CA – A young man who had just participated in his drive-through graduation celebration was killed when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a tree in Lancaster late Friday afternoon, authorities said. The fatal single-vehicle collision occurred around 4 p.m. Friday, June...
  20. Hellcatcfp


    Florida plumber finds out what was clogging the drain. :oops: @Hickster, @Purerock105, @Rcasa20, @Bkuz, and any other Florida folks. Damn...