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  1. Marine121

    A Little Military History: The Highway of Death

    I loaded some ordnance for that mission too, then flew over a few days later in a UH1.
  2. Marine121

    Roll Call Count please respond

    Checking in from SC, all good so far.
  3. Marine121

    Fess up...who has owned a water bed?

    Had a couple in the 80s, the question should be who lived in the 70s or 80s and didn't have a water bed lol
  4. Marine121

    10.04 in Darlington!

    TNREDEYE, when you going back to Darlington? We will be there on the 4th for test and tune and the 7th for season opener. Great passes.
  5. Marine121

    How many have driven the Tail of the Dragon?

    Rode it twice, once on a street glide and once on a 10R. Great time.
  6. Marine121


    Retired for a few years now. Previous life; I started working on a cotton farm, went to Marines stayed untill too broken and told to take my toys and go home, retired from Department of Energy. Owned several businesses as side projects over the years. Went back to school became a chef and after...
  7. Marine121

    Hello from Kuwait

  8. Marine121

    Hellcat.org members have moved to Hellcatforum.org

    Is there something wrong with my new Hellcat Challenger/Charger there is dark spots in my garage looks like oil? Should I take it back to dealership? Everyone says, NO, NOTHING WRONG .....Cat Piss :)
  9. Marine121

    Whats your total vehicle(s) horsepower?

    Nope but thanks for pointing out my mistake 😅
  10. Marine121

    Whats your total vehicle(s) horsepower?

    707 HC Charger 707 HC Challenger 296 911 189 Z3 430 F350 Total 2329 based on stock numbers. Thought it would be more lol
  11. Marine121

    Scat Pack owner stopping by!

    Congrats and welcome from SC
  12. Marine121

    Hc 1/8 mile times & performance what times do you run ?

    A8 for me. I am working on suspension and different wheel and tire set up. When I can get traction figured out and more track experience then pulley and tune.
  13. Marine121

    Hc 1/8 mile times & performance what times do you run ?

    Did this on Saturday, yes I jumped lol been 30 plus years. Only run worth talking about, other 2 runs got no traction. Running nitto drs 305s pressure was 25 psi and did good burnout, any suggestions?
  14. Marine121


    I'll pass mine on to one of the kids so it will be here with me for a while, I hope.
  15. Marine121

    Welcome newcomers, please introduce yourself!

    Welcome and congrats on your new Challenger HC,enjoy. I worked on and flew similar aircraft UH1N and AH1W. SemperFi
  16. Marine121


    Great read thanks for sharing your experience
  17. Marine121

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    Happy Turkey day. No smoking tires at relative's homes, we know how that turns out. Sorry Hunter, if I didn't say it someone else would have. Be safe y'all
  18. Marine121

    First upgrade!!! Not really performance though

    Looks good, great choice
  19. Marine121

    What's the fastest you've driven your Hellcat?

    That is a fact, I sayt up a bit too soon thought I was going slower than I was what a surprise lol.