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Recent content by SNeal5966

  1. SNeal5966

    The best part of being single(divorced)...

    Sure I agree with hat except....why not be a man ho for a while now that is what you actually can look for until the right chick comes along
  2. SNeal5966

    The best part of being single(divorced)...

    Actually with that I think they want you to ask now a days instead of assuming hahah
  3. SNeal5966

    The best part of being single(divorced)...

    Online dating is a waste of time.....Tinder sounds appealing I dunno the last time I was single it didn't exist.....sounds convenient to find hookups hahahab
  4. SNeal5966

    What glass cleaner are you using?

    I have some invisible glass and that works pretty good, and also I bought some Griot's Garage glass cleaner and it's pretty good too but I actually think it's the same. I buy that stuff based mostly on price
  5. SNeal5966

    The best part of being single(divorced)...

    Thoughts? Hmmmm haven't you tried tinder yet? Lol
  6. SNeal5966

    ZL1 Products

    I have their deluxe rock guards, and they are very nice.....so I would assume the rest of their products are also.
  7. SNeal5966

    Clutch Delay Valve Delete and Barton Install

    For sure, more smiles to the gallon!
  8. SNeal5966

    Clutch Delay Valve Delete and Barton Install

    For now I left the 5-6 springs in, I actually like that the way it is out of the box so I probably won't remove them either. as for the weight....I am not sure what you are referring to? What did I miss?
  9. SNeal5966

    Clutch Delay Valve Delete and Barton Install

    Over the weekend I finished installing my Barton shifter finally, as well as removing the Clutch Delay Valve. Since the roads are fairly clean and dry, I got to get the car out for a drive around the city to exercise it a little bit. All I can say is WOW, if you haven't done this yet, at the...
  10. SNeal5966

    UK Plan to Ban ICE cars ........

    And if ICE engines go away....who's gonna buy these new six figure electric cars when gas is cheap, let alone what will inevitably happen to the price of electricity.....all pipe dreams
  11. SNeal5966

    Very First Dodge Viper

    I mean I don't have 6 figures to spend on a car lol if I did I wouldn't pick this over a hellcat but it's still a cool car with neat history
  12. SNeal5966

    Very First Dodge Viper

    The very first production viper off the plant floor was owned by Lee Iacocca and is for sale right now. That would be a cool piece of automotive history to own if I had six digits to toss at a car...
  13. SNeal5966

    What features/options would you like to see in the next Hellcat?

    I would like to see an all wheel drive model, and more power, and a lower price tag hahaha
  14. SNeal5966

    Jacking up a Challenger from the front with a floor jack

    back to the cross beam adapter, I think it would fit under a challenger. I think the height they are listing on there is misleading.... I found a youtube video where a guy is lifting a Challenger with a 7000 EXT model, and he's using the SUV adapters without the center height adder, and by the...